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Bleche Gitter Draht    Inh. J. Pfau            *** Ihr Streckgitterspezialist***
Jürgen Pfau

What do we offer?
Bleche Gitter Draht is the right partner for everyone who deals with Perforated Sheet Metal, Expanded Grating, Gratings, or Sheets.

The achievements of Bleche Gitter Draht stand out in a large offer of products and fast availability.

The experts from Bleche Gitter Draht are high motivated and flexible, which makes it possible to produce special productions from your drafts in short time.

From the stock directly into production and workshop.

Produced professionally and cheap by Bleche Gitter Draht after your data and imaginations.
Searching for something new all the time...
With a constantly growing offer of products Bleche Gitter Draht is not only trying to fulfill the newest technical requirements, we are also becoming creativ.

The creativ and innovativ potential in the choice of products is the reason why Bleche Gitter Draht is also working together with cutomers in the arcitecture sector.

Contact us via our » Inquiry section « or via » E-mail «.
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